I love the mild chicken wings sauce. I go through a bottle in a cpl days if I’m really craving it lol. I pour it all over chicken breasts/ dunk it , and of course I shake my homemade chicken wings in it, but it also taste good on pork chops and steak and blended in with some cheesy rice and other side dishes .
I’m sure there’s many things it tastes great on. I’ve just started to experiment and broaden my taste buds with new recipes that I used this sauce in . It’s a truly great kick that adds a burst of added flavor to ur dishes it at least mine haha 😃.
I’m soooo glad I tried it awhile ago and gave it a sample and I’ve always been a fussy/picky eater 😕 . Thanks for the great product I use I like crazy lately. It’s definitely an addictive condiment 😃 lol.